Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aari Neck Design


Aari work is done in back side of blouse neck. Its a silk saree blouse. I used Aari chain stitch with golden sequins small beads for leaf and petals golden stone for centre of the flower. It took 2days.

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  1. hi mals,

    juz nuv i came across ur s more fantastic and cute work...........

    even it kindled me 2 do such far i hav not done ane such works.......

    so can u guide in diz.......

    i want 2 knw the size of the ornidary needle that ur using and the details of old thread ur using( ane size or number for that thread .......hw 2 enquire abt it in shop)

    thiough u hav given more designs to work ...........the work that u did in red silk saree(yellow border) blouse was too gud can u giv de design outline 4 that